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CMS Functionality

Today, Content Management Systems are critical to maintain and update web site content. However, it is important that you select the CMS wisely, otherwise you may end up using a CMS that does not have all the functions that you want from it, or it may not be user friendly. Please make sure that during the CMS selection process you select a content management system that it meets your requirements.

We at NextGen eBiz, endeavor to offer CMS solutions with following benefits:

Core Functionality

The core/ main functionality of any CMS, is to make it easy to manage your web site. The management of a web site includes tasks such as adding, creating, editing, deleting or maintaining of web site pages. It is common perception that this functionality is a given no matter what CMS software you choose.

Different CMS software has different ways and options for the same core function. It is therefore crucial to choose a CMS whose core function you are most familiar with.

The Editor

The editor is the interface that the user utilizes when they want to make changes to the content on their web site. There are newer approaches that are being included in the latest editors. The editor is mainly used by the publisher to provide lists, links, headings, and many other things. The editor does not in any way determine how the web site looks. We understand that how crucial it is for you to use an editor that has the capabilities of maintaining extra things such as downloadable files and images.

Assets Management

Many CMS software out there are very poor in managing files and images. The main determining factor that defines how good a CMS is in managing assets is how good it has been designed. For the purposes of managing images, it is essential that you pick a CMS software that offers the <alt=””> attributes for the images you want to use. Our CMS solutions offer not only this, but they also have file editing capabilities such as resizing, cropping, rotating and many others.


Nowadays, almost every site or blog has a search bar on the right topmost area of the pages for searching purposes. CMS solutions by NextGen eBiz, offer this very important option, because we understand that users use the search bar when looking for any content in a web site or blog.


One of the attributes of our CMS is the flexibility during presentation and also retrieving content. It allows the user to customize the appearance of their site and also the features they want to use or disable on the CMS. It also makes it easy for the user to customize the CMS software.

User Interaction

It is essential that any CMS offer the functionality for user feedback. Some of the CMS platforms that do not have this functionality allow the installation of plugins in order to support user feedback.

These are only a few of the functionalities that our CMS platform supports. We provide you with the information regarding all the available CMS platforms and help you choose one that meets all your needs and requirements. The kind of consultation and development solutions that we offer at NextGen eBiz, are aimed at making website management simple and efficient.

At NextGen eBiz, we will ensure that we build you a web site using the CMS platform of your choice and one that is easy to manage and maintain no matter the type of site you want.



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