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Business Functions

There are many business functions that are required for any online web store to be successful. Like any other business, the functions of a web store need to be carried out in a manner that ensures that the customers’ financial and private data is secure. In addition, the customers should love the shopping experience. Here are some of the things that are required to ensure that business functions conducted smoothly:


A well-catalogued web stores ensures that the customer sees all the information of a product or service they wish to purchase. This means that the buyer will most likely go to the buy button because they like the product they have seen and read about its details. The prices should be included to ensure all customers see the value of each product as they read the descriptions. This will ensure high conversion rates.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is the most crucial elements of any online shop because it shows the customer the products they are buying, the quantities and the totals. A well-customized shopping cart is one in which there are additional features and details available for the buyer. One of the things that may be the shown on the shopping cart is cost / discount breakdown e.g. shipping costs, discounts etc. This will show the customer the total amount to pay in order to receive their goods.


Tracking is a very crucial business function for both the web stores and the customers. For the customers, tracking enables them to view the status of the order they placed. They may want to know the when will they get the products and/or what the status of the order is. In addition, customers may use tracking to get information on where these are in transit.

For the business, tracking is essential in evaluating which products are the most sold in a certain period and why. This is good for the business since they will now know which products to stock in large numbers. Tracking also enables the business to find out additional information people buying specific products. For example, what products on the site are popular with young people, old people, or specific to a particular gender.

Online Financial Transactions

This forms an important part in ecommerce businesses. An online business should ensure they provide the best online financial solutions to their customers. This may include providing various ways for customers to pay for their orders such as visa/debit cards, PayPal and other services. The business must also ensure that the customers’ financial and private information is safe. This means that the business should provide high level of data and information security.

These are some of the main business functions for any ecommerce business if they want to provide quality products and services and above all peace of mind to their customers. As such, ecommerce businesses should seek the best solution providers for all of the above (and other) business functions.
At NextGen eBiz, we ensure that we give ecommerce owners the best solutions for all their web store business functions. We understand all the problems that most ecommerce businesses face and as such, we have the necessary expertise and experience to ensure we develop the best ecommerce site that you will love and that will make your customers come back to your site when they want to buy anything online.

If you want to set up a new ecommerce business or rebrand an existing one, then get in touch with us and we will provide you with the best solutions for all your business function needs and any other solutions that your ecommerce brand may require.

Get in touch with your requirements and we'll help start your project.