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PCI Compliance

PCI is an abbreviation for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This is an important standard to be followed by merchants or websites that process visa or debit card payments. The PCI standard covers 6 different goals and it utilizes 12 requirements that are very specific to achieve this. The standard outlines the various ways that merchants and card processing companies can use to protect the customers’ card data. It also provides the ways in which these security measures can be implemented. The PCI Data Security standard is more about data security rather than compliance. The main goal of this standard is about building and maintaining secure computer networks, protecting the cardholder’s data, and the regular testing and monitoring of networks.

There are three standards that are incorporated into the PCI standard. The 3 standards are designed to ensure the security of the card holder’s data. The first standard is one that deals with how to set up and maintain physical and even logical security. The PADSS is the second standard. It stands for Payment Application Data Security Standard. This provides the security measures for payment applications that merchants buy off the shelves. An example of these applications may include a multi-touch screen terminal that can be connected to the merchant’s database. This standard has been put in place to ensure that payment applications do not store prohibitive data (like the data on a card’s magnetic strip). The third standard is the PTS. PTS stands for PIN Transaction System. This is the main standard that takes effect when a cardholder enters their card’s PIN. The standard looks at the PIN entered from the PIN pads for verification purposes.

The six main goals of the PCI standard are:

  • Maintaining a secure computer network.

  • Protecting cardholder’s data.

  • Maintaining a program for vulnerability management.

  • Implementing Access control measures that do not have vulnerabilities.

  • Regular maintenance and testing of networks.

  • Maintaining a policy for Information security.

It is important that any web store is PCI complaint. This will limit many legal problems that may arise if the web stores data is breached. In addition, the PCI standard ensures that web stores have the right security measures in place to ensure the data security for cardholders that shop on their sites.

For any web business to be validated as a PCI Complaint business, the business must ensure they meet all the standards outlined above. All credit card companies and institutions that provide financial services only work with vendors and merchants that meet all the requirements outlined by the PCI standard. Before being validated as a PCI Compliant business, a web store has first to be rated. This rating determines the steps of verification that the ecommerce business has to go through to receive the accreditation.

PCI Compliance is important for any ecommerce business. This is because the business’s customers will be carrying out their online shopping activities without being worried about the security of their data. Also the business will not suffer security breaches due to the preventive and security measures outlined in the PCI standards. Since this is something most ecommerce owners do not have knowledge of, it is therefore very crucial for a person who wants to start ecommerce business to choose a developer that will ensure they get an ecommerce web store that is PCI Compliant. At NextGen eBiz we strive to make sure that all the ecommerce sites we build are PCI compliant and use technologies that are compliant.

If you want the best PCI Compliant ecommerce business site then please Get in touch with us at NextGen eBiz and we will give you the best solution for all your needs.



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