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Database Development and Integration

At NextGen eBiz, we offer the best in the class database development and integration solutions for your business’ web site. In a world where people are becoming more and more accustomed to online shopping, ecommerce businesses have to use the best practices when creating their ecommerce web stores. One of the most important factor that can set any ecommerce website apart from its competitors is how easy and fast a customer can interact with the web store database to find the information about a product that they want to purchase. A good ecommerce web site should be dynamic web site.
We understand that a major component of any dynamic web stores is its database. The database is where all the information about web store’s products (things like product names, IDs, Stock Id, Price, etc) and the customers (names, Customer ID, Location, Shipping and billing addresses, etc) is stored. A good database should enable easy access to the visitor when they want to access the stored information. We keep this in focus while designing database development and integration solutions for your business.
There are number of factors that affect database development. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Size of the data to be stored.

  • Level of security that is required for the ecommerce web store.

  • Expected amount of traffic on the web store.

  • Desired environment for the database server.

  • The best and easiest way for updating the web store’s database.

  • Budget for the creation of the database for the web store.

  • Required compatibility database should have to interact with existing workflow processes.

Once the development of a database is complete, our next step is to ensure that its integration is done professionally – After all, what is the need of having the best database if it is not well integrated? So, what is database integration? Database Integration is the connection of a database to a web site to enable the users to access information (add/remove or update) in the database using just a web browser. Integration also allows users to query (search) the database for information. It also provides an easy way to manage a database by using a browser.
While developing solutions, our experts keep in mind that database development and integration is critical to any online ecommerce site to ensure that the users can get the information they want, faster and easily. This will help the ecommerce site to improve their customer satisfaction and retention rate and that converts to more sales.

Considering the important role database plays in any ecommerce business, it is important to ensure that professionals handle the development and integration of an ecommerce web site. This is what we offer at NextGen eBiz.
We understand that most customers are not familiar with the technologies and requirements for database development and integration and as such we have the best database developers that can help determine your database requirements and create an integrated database solution that will fit all your needs.
The developers at NextGen eBiz have experience from dealing with database systems such as MS Access, MySQL, SQL, ASP, PHP, .NET, and many others.

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